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37 among the best to play linebacker for Grizzlies

No one takes his role as a Montana Grizzly football player 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone more seriously than Jordan Tripp.Yes, there may be players past or present who match Tripp's devotion to the Maroon Silver, but none have exceeded it. It's just not possible."In 10 years, I don't know that I've ever and we've had lots of great ones: Colt Anderson, Kroy Biermann, Shann Schillinger, Marc Mariani had a guy with his commitment," Griz defensive coordinator Ty Gregorak said. "His commitment is second to none. He bleeds Silver and Maroon and I don't think anyone would ever question that who knows him, who's played with him, who's coached him. He's Griz through and through."The Missoula Big Sky product has roles within his role as a Grizzly captain, mentor and linebacker for the seventh ranked FCS team in the country. The third generation Grizzly goes about each with the intensity Montana fans expect from the player chosen to wear the famed No. He's seen two changes in the Griz regime, endured shoulder surgery that necessitated a redshirt season, and been a member of the first Montana team to post a losing record in decades.None of those things has shaken Tripp's resolve that he made the right choice when he committed to Montana."He was going to be a Grizzly no matter what," Gregorak said.Tripp was recruited by current Griz head coach Mick Delaney, who worked for Bobby Hauck at the time. Hauck left for UNLV before Tripp had a chance to play for him. Robin Pflugrad took over, but was fired after two seasons following a series of off the field incidents involving Griz players. Now Tripp's playing for the man who originally Testosterone Cypionate Research Chemical recruited him."Coach Delaney actually recruited me at the beginning and now he's my head coach, which is absolutely fantastic because he comes from the Testoviron 250 O Sustanon 250 school of you have to work for what you get and I've always gone about things that way," Tripp said. "I was never the biggest kid coming out of high school. I always listened to my dad who said it's a journey and you have to take the little steps to get where you want to be. That's the type of guy he is. He recruited me and now it's come full circle."I've had three different coordinators. Coach (Kraig) "Hgh Jintropin Avis" Paulson, Coach (Mike) Breske and Coach Ty (Gregorak) now. But Coach Ty was here when I was a freshman, so I just feel fortunate Turinabol Ciccone to have those types of people here."And this week will give Tripp a chance to reunite with Pflugrad, although on opposite sidelines. Pflugrad is the offensive coordinator for Weber State."It's going to be interesting," Tripp said. "When I was down in Park City, Utah, for the Big Sky media convention this summer, I saw "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" Coach Pflugrad and it was pretty emotional. I saw the guy and gave him a hug and talked about stuff other than "Oxandrolone Powder India" football. He absolutely loved it up here and probably wishes he could have stayed, but he's doing good things down there. It's a blessing we get to play against him. It's a good deal."This is Tripp's second season as a captain unusual at the collegiate level and his second wearing the legacy No. 37 given to him by Ryan Fetherston in June of 2012. It was that honor that propelled Tripp into the roles he has today."It meant a lot," Tripp said of receiving the number reserved for a Montana native. "I never wore any other number than 44 because that's what my dad wore. I wore it through grade school and high school and in college, but when that was offered to me it was a no brainer, I took it. What that represents and who's worn it before, it's an honor to wear it. But you can't think about a number, you have to focus on what you do. It means a lot to carry that on."To me, it just represents true Montana football and what that entails is hard work, mental toughness and just doing your job and controlling what you can control. It's very simple. Sometimes you have to sacrifice certain things to be able to do those things. You can't just say it, you have to do it. It's very simple, the guidelines are cut and dried; it's just a matter of doing it."And Tripp has done it better than most. He is tied with Colt Anderson for fifth on the school's all time tackles list with 313 and will likely move higher than that. He's 10th on the career list in tackles for loss at 28.5 and he's tied for first with Mike Rankin in career fumble recoveries at nine."He's a very athletic guy," Gregorak said. "He makes his hay sideline to sideline, there's no question about it. When things do happen, if it's a turnover, whether he caused it or not, because he runs so well he's had a knack of being in the right place at the right time. That's why he is tied with Ranks for fumbles recovered. I hope he can break that record."He has a great motor. When you talk to NFL scouts, that's what jumps out. He runs well and he plays with a high motor."Awards and records are nice, Tripp says, but that's not what defines him."My freshman year, there was some kind of discussion going on about all conference awards and I overheard (Hauck) say awards are just something you hang up on the wall," Tripp recalled. "That's really what it's about. An award isn't going to make you a better football player. You're not going to take an award or a record out there on the field with you. It all comes down to how you play on Saturday."Tripp is just as serious about his role as captain and mentor to the younger players."Watching certain guys play, I've learned that being a captain and a leader is getting people to believe in what you believe in, not telling them what to do," Tripp said. "I believe in hard work and being honest with yourself, holding yourself accountable and being real as far as evaluating your everyday activity. If you're not getting better, you're getting worse."Tripp Buy Jintropin says he learned a lot about being a leader while he was sidelined with the shoulder injury. His good friend Caleb McSurdy was a leader on that team.