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lessons learned in improv

gets into some weird situations.

He lives in Danbury and works as a computer programmer. But on a recent Saturday night, he found himself in Ridgefield, interviewing a woman who knits with potatoes.

Hodder, 48, could have walked away and told her she was nuts, but he didn't. Because the interview was part of an improvisational comedy performance called "Whose Barn Is It Anyway?" The show was presented by the Role in the Hay Players, "Anadrol 50" a six member improv troupe at the . Hodder is the troupe's director and fearless leader.

"When doing improv, anything goes," said Hodder. "You deal with whatever scenario is presented and make the most of it."

Hodder's task was to accept the woman's claims as truth, and then make her look good. So naturally, he asked her to talk about her potato knitting book.

"One trick to doing this sort of thing is to be in the moment," said Hodder. "Don't be thinking, Oh, that's impossible!' Just go with it and enjoy the ride."

In this case, the subject of expertise potato knitting was chosen from random words suggested by the audience. It was part of what improv players call "the interview game."

"There's no script to follow," said Hodder. "The great thing about improv is that it's all about creating an atmosphere where people can express themselves and they don't have to be afraid of making a mistake.

"It's very freeing, because you never have to worry," he said. "It puts you in Winstrol W Tabletkach Cykl a situation where no matter what you say, everyone will support you, meaning they'll go along with what's out there. So you feel more comfortable taking chances. That's where assertiveness comes from."

With assertiveness comes confidence, and that too is a useful skill not just on stage, but in life, said Hodder.

Another benefit of this fun and funny art form: It teaches people to be quick on their feet to think fast and be creative.

Sharing an example, Hodder said he was once in an improv game where he played the head of an insane asylum. Someone approached him and was supposed to say "Look out, they're all psychotic!" but mistakenly said, "Look out, they're all psychic!"

"People started acting as if they were psychic and started predicting the future, saying what would happen to me," he said. "They embraced the mistake and got creative."

Hodder loves to make people laugh and never worries that he won't come up with something to say or do. Part of that is because he's had lots practice. He's worked with "Anadrol 50" Gotham City Improv in "Anaboliset Aineet" New York City. And he's training with the Upright Citizens Brigade, also in New York City, started in part by (from "Saturday Night "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" Live").

He's taught improv before and has a class going on in Ridgefield; his students range in age from their 20s to their 50s. They practice exercises like the interview game. In one class a Testosterone Enanthate Cycle Length student "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" with no knowledge of crocheting was interviewed about it and had to make up its history on the spot. She said it was started by monks and the word "crochet" comes from Bishop Crochet.

Another exercise is called "the tableau game." Someone yells out a word, like "subway," and everyone uses their body to create a still image that represents it, in this case a subway scene. One person might be a straphanger, and so on.

"It helps people get out of their Winstrol 40 Tablet. 2 Mg/Tabl shell," said Hodder, of improv. "Whenever someone tells me they're moving to a new town, I tell them if they want to meet people, join a theater or improv group. You get an instant family that's like a ring of support around you.".