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Justin Bieber's ghosts of Christmas future

July 2013 The hotly anticipated film Bieber 4 D is released in theatres, which not only shatters live concert film box office records, but also introduces an entirely new dimension that will preoccupy the global science community for much of the next century.

July 2014 The Canadian Pavilion at Disney's Epcot Theme Park is expanded, re named Bieber World, and opens a popular ride called "It's Bieber's World After All," featuring thousands of Bieber puppets donning the garb of cultures from around the world, and throughout history. The sombrero and pancho clad "Mexican Bieber" and loincloth adorned "Caveman Bieber" become fan favourites, spawning a popular set of dolls.

Dec. 24, 2014 A remake of Back to the Future is released, starring Bieber as Marty McFly, and co starring Modern Family's Sarah Hyland as his mother in the past. The film is a huge success, but even Bieber's starpower is overshadowed by Charlie Sheen's unintelligible, yet charismatic take on Doc Brown. In interviews, Bieber and Hyland confirm a romance bloomed between them on set.

February 2015 Back to the Future 2 halts production after a German scientist and Bieber fan from the future travels back in time to warn Bieber that making the sequel will ruin his career. The studio sues Bieber for breach of contract when he pulls out of the project.

May 2015 Hyland leaves Bieber for the much older Justin Timberlake, leaving Bieber heartbroken and in seclusion.

July 2017 After a nearly two year hiatus from touring and the studio, Bieber returns with a new, adult sounding album, Justified My Ass largely viewed as an attack on Timberlake and his former lover. Bieber tells Rolling Stone, "I'm bringing sexy back . . . again. But I'm committing to it, unlike Justin Timberlake, who brought it back and then ignored it to focus on a movie career."

October 2018 After a shocking, torrid 16 month courtship that dominates the tabloids, Bieber marries Miley Cyrus. A heated debate among fans occurs as to whether the new celebrity couple should be known as Cyber or Bierus.

July 2020 Cyberg, Bieber's duet album with wife Miley Cyrus, receives critical pans and garners only middling sales.

May 2021 Mexico's largest drug cartel is busted, with over 700 arrests across the country. Drawing comparisons to the inexplicable 2011 mural found in a drug lord's bunker in a Rio de Janeiro favela, Bieber's sway over the criminal underworld is revealed to be surprisingly strong. On top Comprar Levitra of a bounty of illegal drugs and weapons, investigators discover around 175 different murals of Bieber in the criminals' varied hideaways, and more than 300 mint condition Mexican Bieber dolls still in their packages.

November 2022 Cyber is no more; the pressure of their album's failure is blamed for the end of Justin and Miley's Winstrol W Tabletkach Cena marriage.

2024 "Anadrol 50" Bieber releases the White/Black album, a collaboration with hip hop star Jay Z.

2025 to 2029 Bieber takes time away from music to go back to school for taxidermy.

2051 Following a nearly fatal motorcycle accident in '50, Bieber returns to his late mother's religious routes. His '51 religion themed album Heaven's Doorknob receives mixed reviews, but his cover of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" becomes his bestselling single since "Silent Night."

April 2057 At age 63, Bieber forms the super group The Traveling Bieberies, a collection of one time chart toppers such as Cee Lo Green, John Mayer, one of the Hanson brothers and Justin Timberlake (who mended fences with Bieber in 2042 after both performers played the Super Bowl halftime show in Shanghai, China). Their self titled album reaches No. 1 on the Billboard charts and stays there for four months.

June 2059 Bieber receives his best reviews since Justified My Ass with an acoustic album produced by legendary, 84 year old music producer Jack White.

February 2060 Bieber wins his first and only career Grammy for album of the year. It's the fourth album White has produced to "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" achieve said feat, including Madonna's environmentally conscious folk album Like a Sturgeon (2027) and Snoop Dogg's rap orchestral masterpiece Charlie Brown (2018).

2062 Bieber follows up his success with two more White produced albums, released months apart. Bielophone, an all xylophone/vocal album, is heralded as genius. The second album, featuring covers of 1980s cartoon theme songs, is well received but much less successful, despite a No. 1 single in a moody, introspective version of "Inspector Gadget."

March 2063 After nearly a two year whirlwind of touring, a visibly fatigued Bieber retires "Oxandrolone Powder India" to his Stratford, Ont., mansion, his only companions a loyal contingent of impeccably dressed robot butlers. . . and evil.

May 2064 After a fifth break in at Bieber's mansion in this case, a 62 year old fan breaks both hips trying to scale his bedroom wall Bieber promptly disappears to an undisclosed location.

2065 Turinabol Once Or Twice A Day Bieber's hovercraft is found crashed in Banff, Alta. While no body is ever found, he is declared dead.

2066 2070 Bieber sightings take place around the world, including highly publicized incidents in a Tokyo karaoke bar (an uncanny "Baby" performance by a dead ringer) and a Toronto Swiss Chalet. Rumours persist that Bieber "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" faked his own death to disappear from the public eye.

2071 Stratford, Ont., which has become a northern Graceland a must do pilgrimage for Bieber fans of every generation officially moves the Stratford festival to Stratford upon Avon, England. Acclaimed festival artistic director Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen, Leonard Cohen's granddaughter, laments the move, but says the festival has been "pushed out by the endless hoards of Beliebers.''

2074 At age 80, Bieber is posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2082 The photos of a dishevelled busker who performs daily at the one time site of the Stratford festival's Avon Theatre (now a Bieber shrine), is identified by his second wife as the flesh and blood Justin. Afterwards, Bieber makes a quiet return to public life, but spends Testosterone Cypionate Hair Loss most of his time at his moon condo.